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New Season Gardening Essentials - get your garden ready for the season ahead..

As we enter the new year, take a look at some gardening essentials to keep you busy and your garden tidy in readiness for the spring season. 

A small selection of general sundries available - ask us if you can't see it listed :

Feeds : Bonemeal, Fish Blood & Bonemeal, Pelleted Chicken Manure, Tomorite, Miracle Gro, Phostrogen, Ericaceous Feed

Seed Sowing : Propagators, Pots & Seed Trays, Paraffin, Greenhouse Heaters, Labels

Weed Control : Pathclear, Roundup, SBK

Pest & Disease Control : Roseclear, Provanto Bug Killer, Slug Pellets (also Organic Slug Killer)

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