The Vegetable and Herb section is one of the fastest growing departments here at the garden centre. We offer a range of vegetable seeds from Mr Fothergills to suit most requirements.

Herbs provide a great flavour and accompaniment to many dishes and are easy to grow on a windowsill. We sell a wide range in either a 9cm or 1 litre size pot - we also have Bay trees in various shapes and sizes.


Autumn/Winter Vegetable Seedlings are now available - the range changes quickly, so come and see what we have available. All are sold in plastic 'strips', at £2.49 per strip or any 5 for £10. Range includes things like Lettuce, Radish, Cauli, Swede and many salad crops. These are suitable for planting straight out into your vegetable garden, and many can also be planted in troughs and large pots on your patio.

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