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The Vegetable and Herb section is one of the fastest growing departments here at the garden centre.


We offer a range of vegetable seeds from Mr Fothergills to suit most requirements.

Herbs provide a great flavour and accompaniment to many dishes and are easy to grow on a windowsill.

We sell a wide range in either a 9cm or 1 litre size pot (Please note the range is much more limited during the winter months). We also have Bay & Olive trees in various shapes and sizes.

Potatoes are ready for planting - find them in the greenhouse next to our Summer Bulb display.


Vegetable Seedlings are now available - the range includes all the popular crops like Lettuce, Cabbage, Turnips and lots more. All are sold in plastic 'strips' with each strip containing a number of seedlings for planting out. Strips are £3.49 each, or you can buy any 5 for £15.

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