Herbs & Fruit


More and more people are turning to grow your own in recent times, and most herb and fruit are easy to grow.

A decent sunny garden position with well drained soil is ideal for most types, and if you only have a patio or balcony don't worry - many can be grown successfully in window boxes and large tubs.

Fruit trees from £26.99

Range includes Apple, Cherry, Pear as well as fan-trained fruit on trellis frames

Blackcurrant £9.99 - Varieties include Ben Lomond and Ben Sarek


Whitecurrant £9.99 - Variety White Versailles

Redcurrant £9.99 - Varieties include Rosetta and Jonkheer Van Tet

Gooseberry £9.99 - Variety Invicta

Raspberry from £7.99 - Varieties include Glen Ample, Heritage and Autumn First 

Blueberry £11.99

Herbs : Range varies according to time of year, current availability shown below (correct at 28th January)

9cm Pot Size £2.49 each or any 5 for £10

Lemon Balm



Fennel Green

Hyssop Blue

Lavender Munstead

Marjoram French

Marjoram Golden

Mint Applemint

Mint Garden

Mint Spearmint

Oregano Common

Oregano Greek

Parsley Flat Leaf

Parsley Curly

Rosemary Common

Sage Tricolor

Strawberry Alpine

Thyme Lemon

Thyme Archers Gold

Thyme Silver Posie

Larger Pots of Herbs available from March.