Herbs & Fruit


More and more people are turning to grow your own in recent times, and most herb and fruit are easy to grow.

A decent sunny garden position with well drained soil is ideal for most types, and if you only have a patio or balcony don't worry - many can be grown successfully in window boxes and large tubs.

Fruit trees from £26.99 - please check availability before visiting

Range includes Apple, Cherry, Pear as well as fan-trained fruit on trellis frames

Blackcurrant £9.99 - Varieties include Ben Lomond and Ben Sarek


Whitecurrant £9.99 - Variety White Versailles

Redcurrant £9.99 - Varieties include Rosetta and Jonkheer Van Tet

Gooseberry £9.99 - Variety Invicta

Raspberry from £7.99 - Varieties include Glen Ample, Heritage and Autumn First 

Blueberry £11.99

Herbs : Range varies according to time of year

9cm Pot Size £2.49 each or any 5 for £10, 1 Litre Pot Size £3.99 each or any 3 for £10

Herb Plants
Blueberry Bush