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We sell roses for most gardens, from small patio roses, through to climbing and rambling roses to cover the side of a house or creep along a fence or pergola.


The range changes throughout the season with the most popular selling time being summer (when many are in bloom). We also get fresh stocks in during the autumn - roses can be planted through the winter months and will get established early in the season.


Please call to check if you require a certain variety.


Roses can sometimes suffer from Blackspot and Aphid trouble - we sell Roseclear which is a combined pest and fungal spray. You can apply this early in the spring as soon as the new growth appears.


We also advise being as hygienic as possible with your roses - when the leaves fall in the autumn, clear away as many as possible as the spores which cause blackspot can remain on these leaves over winter and re-infect fresh growth in the spring. During the season, if any leaves do develop black spot, take them straight off and dispose of them.


Watering roses regularly is a key to success. Don't allow them to dry out or they will quickly deteriorate, buds will fail to form properly and they will underperform.


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