Early Spring Plant Highlights

Take a look at some of our recent arrivals in the plant area - lots more still to come in, we get deliveries every week from a range of UK and European growers.

Please note stock availability is subject to change at any time, and some items may be out of stock. This year has seen unprecedented demand across the industry for plants, so if you see something you like at the garden centre, buy it! It may not be there next time you visit! 

Looking good for March and April:

Dianthus, Pansies and Viola, Bush Flowering Cherry, Erysimum (perennial Wallflower) - Summer bedding plants available from Mid-April. We have a small selection of 9cm Pots of summer bedding in stock now for those of  you with heated space eg Greenhouse or Heated Conservatory - these are £2.29 or any 5 for £10 and include Fuchsia, Geranium and assorted trailing plants.

Recent deliveries include larger specimen plants for instant impact in your garden - these have come from our growers in Tuscany, Italy. We also have a great selection of Palm Trees - ideal to create a touch of the Mediterranean in your own garden