Bird Tables, Feeders & Food

Choose from our large range of bird tables to give your feathered friends somewhere to stop off and feed up this winter - all of these make great gifts for Christmas, with prices to suit all budgets.


We've also got good stocks of Bird Food, from Fat Balls to Winter Warmer seeds, Nyger to Mealworm. Scroll down to see what's available.

Bird Food :

Peckish Robin Insect Mix 1kg £3.99, 2kg £5.99

Peckish Sunflower Hearts 1kg £4.99

Peckish Sunflower Seeds 1.25kg £4.99

Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix 2kg £4.99


Gardman Nyjer Seed 900g £5.99

Gardman Peanuts 2.5kg £9.99

Gardman Hedgehog Food 650g £3.99

Gardman Duck & Swan Food 650g £3.99

Tom Chambers Year Round Seed Mix 5kg Tub £12.99

Henry Bell Fat Balls 6pack £2.49 (Buy 1 Pack, get 2nd Pack FREE)

Henry Bell Pre-filled Feeders £2.99 (Please ask for varieties)