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REAL Christmas Trees 


Last 12 Left! 

Christmas Trees for 2022 are now in stock

Choose from a selection of UK Grown trees, with our usual range of Lodgepole Pines and Low Needle Drop Nordman Firs (sizes from 5ft to 10ft) 

We also have a selection of 'Slim Cut' Nordman Firs which are narrower and slightly less bushy - ideal for smaller spaces - ask a member of staff for more information on these.

Nordman Fir (all sizes approximate)

3-4ft £25 SOLD OUT

4-5ft £35 SOLD OUT

5-6ft £45 SOLD OUT 

6-7ft £50 HANDFUL LEFT

7-7 1/2ft £65

7 1/2ft-8ft3" £80

8-10ft £130 (Limited Stock)

Frazer Fir

4-5ft £30 SOLD OUT

6-7ft £45 SOLD OUT

Lodge Pole Pine (Limited stock)

6-7ft £50 2 Left

Pot Grown Nordman Fir 

3-4ft £40 SOLD OUT

4-5ft £45 SOLD OUT

5ft+ £50 SOLD OUT

All our cut Christmas trees will require a stand to keep them upright - we sell a selection of decorative metal or plastic stands. If you've already got a stand, why not dig it out before your visit and bring it with you. That way, you'll know the trunk will fit the stand - a lot less hassle than trying to make it fit when you get home! 

After Christmas, why not recycle your tree - our local St Giles Hospice run a very successful 'Treecycle' scheme where they will come and collect your tree in return for a donation to the Hospice.

See our social media pages in December for more details on how to get involved.

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