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Clematis and Climbing Plants


Cover a wall, trellis or pergola with our selection of Climbing Plants. Providing flower through the summer months. Most can be grown in the garden or in large pots.



Clematis :

Use Hybrid Clematis varieties for larger flowers and strong growth.


Clematis montana also available (Faster Growing, smaller flowers).


These can be grown in very large pots - only use one per pot, and ensure the

pot is shaded from hot sun, as Clematis like cool roots.


If possible, use a stone/clay pot over plastic as this will also help keep the root

system in the summer.






Other Climbers :


Winter Jasmine

Summer Jasmine

Climbing Hydrangea

Evergreen Climbing Hydrangea

Passion Flower

Perennial Sweet Pea in White, Pink or Red

Trachelospernum jasminoides (Evergreen Jasmine)

Trachelospernum asiaticum

Trachelospernum variegatum


Please check availability with us before travelling as the range will vary through the year.

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